Thinking Allowed (2020)

Patrick recently appeared on BBC Radio 4’s Thinking Allowed program to discuss anthropological approaches to waste.

El Herbario de San José del Carmen (2018)

Patrick produced this short film about Cartonera bookmaking in Zacatecas, Mexico. The film and accompanying book of medicinal plants (herbario) was created through a collaboration between the Cartonera Publishing project, schoolteacher Óscar Edgar López, and his pupils at the rural school in San José del Cármen.

Save the Date Podcast (2016)

In this Cambridge Anthropology Podcast (Camthropod) Patrick visits Save the Date, a Dalston café that forms part of the ‘Real Junk Food Network’ dedicated to diverting food from landfill and transforming it into wholesome, affordable meals. With its founders James and Ruth, Patrick explores why so much edible waste makes it into the trash and how food activists like them are challenging wasteful practices and people’s perceptions about what is good to eat.

Extreme Sleepovers (2016)

In this University of Cambridge podcast, Patrick describes his experiences living besides and conducting fieldwork in and around Uruguay’s ‘mother dump’, the Felipe Cardoso landfill.

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